We want to say Thank you to all Our Puppy Buyer's for purchasing a Mini Dachshund to be your long life companoin. We want to wish you & your family many years to come with your new long dog. We are so grateful to see all our puppys go the best home's possible and to meet some of the most wonderful new dog owner's ever.

From Our Family to Your's Thank you so much.

Mechelle & Family


Happy Homes

Coco and Jimmys Litter of five girls born 10/6/2010.

Now living with Jesse and Jill of

Los Angeles,CA.

AKA Katie chocolate piebald sm female no tan points w/ticking.

Now living with Kyle, Casandra and her big brother Hercules of El Cajon,CA.

AKA Cassie chocolate piebald sm female with ticking,no tan pionts

Now living with Cathy @ Fullcircle Dachshunds in Leona Valley,Ca.  

AKA Missy chocolate and Tan sm female w/white chest & toes.

Now living with Cathy @ Fullcircle Dachshunds in Leona Valley,Ca.

AKA Callie chocolate & tan piebald sm female.

Maybalene Rose is now living with the Drangoo family of Bakersfield,Ca.

Solid Chocolate sm female. 

Coco and Degans Litter of 5 born 9/24/2009, 2 boys and 3 girls. 

AKA Coco will now be living with the Burke Family of

Simi Valley,CA.


Dee Dee will now be living with Debbie in Modesto,Ca

Thanks Debbie!



Thank you Rebecca Bozzo Of North Hollywood,CA.

We just might see Hershey some day in the movies!

 Chocolate & Tan smooth coat boy.




This Stunning Solid Chocolate long coat boy w/white chest is now living with Lynn Hughes and Gang of Modesto, CA 

@ www.mtdoxies.com


Lola a solid chocolate smooth coat is now living with the Avila Family of Hesperia,CA

and Oscar her new big brother a doxie playmate!

Coco and Degans litter of 4 born 3/10/2009 2 boys and 2 girls.

Sophia a long coat solid chocolate is now living with Bill & Carol ann Lee

of Patterson,CA

Sophia at her new home.


Munchkin a smooth coat chocolate and cream is now living with Harold & Joann Keith

of Simi Valley,CA

Here's some new picture's of Munchkin She's awesome!

Hercules a smooth coat chocolate and tan is now living with Kyle & Casanda Conley

of Imperial Beach,CA but will be relocating to Kansas.

Kyle & Hercules taking a nap.

Hercules on his way to Kansas what a long trip!

chocolate & cream piebald boy is now living with

Joette Engan of Kingman,AZ.

Zoeys and Logans litter of four.

Gracie a smooth coat blue and tan is now living with the Defee Family

of Patterson,CA

Gracie at her new home she's now the princess of the house. Look at Gracie your getting a new sister soon she will be the princess and you will now be the Queen of the house!

Gracia and Sophia new platmates and still waiting for one more sister to be born on June 21 st 2009.

Spunky a smooth coat blue and tan is now living with her New Mommy.

Thank you

 Nonnie Mosely of Visalia,CA.


Bailey a smooth coat blue and tan dapple is now living with his New Mommy & Daddy.

Thank you

 Mr. & Mrs. Montgomery of Santa Clara,CA.

This is Bailey at his new home in Santa Clara,Ca


Cyril a smooth coat Isabella and tan dapple is now living with his New Mommy & Daddy.

Thank you

Mr. & Mrs. Bubb of La Lolla,CA

Mr.Bubb and Cryil playing ball together.

Spoiled little boy!