​Dachshunds are like potato chips nobody can just have one.

​I'm here to talk to all my fur babies parents at anytime.

If you need anything at all I'm here to help 24/7.

​Please do not hesitate to call no question is a dumb question.

If I don't have the answer maybe I can direct you in right direction.


Past Litters

​Jessie's and Ringo;s litter of four 6/2017

​Luna's  and Ringo;s  Litter of three  5/2017

Coco's and Degan's Litter of 5 late Fall 2009.

3 Girls all smooth coat 1 chocolate pie, 1 solid chocolate, 1 chocolate & cream. 

2 Boys

1 smooth coat chocolate & tan, 1 long coat solid chocolate. 

Here's the 3 that are about to go home at 8 weeks.

Coco' and Degans  1st litter  of four early Spring 2009.

2 Boys and 2 Girls at 2 weeks old.

1 chocolate & tan boy ms, 1 chocolate & cream piebald boy ms,

 1 chocolate & cream girl ms, 1 solid chocolate girl ml

 3 puppies at 7 1/2 weeks old. The pieboy already went home to Kingman ,AZ.


Zoeys & Logans litter 2008.

Zoeys first litter of four Dilute puppies at 5 week's of age. 1 Isabella & Tan Dapple boy,1 Blue & Tan Dapple Boy & 2 Blue & Tan Girls

All four puppy's at 7 weeks of age.